The M.P.A. System for Property Success

One Day Training

Learn how to invest in property with confidence and develop a property income that can change your life.

The M.P.A. System for Property Success

Are you interested in investing in property but not sure how to, or worried about making mistakes?

You wouldn’t be the first to feel this way. Trying something new, especially with your hard-earned savings, can be a bit scary.

That’s why I created my M.P.A. System for Property Success. This system is designed to give you all the tools and skills needed to quickly start in property, invest with confidence and start delivering great income from property so that you can retire early/take more holidays/give the family a life of opportunity/buy that dream car . . . . whatever it is that gives you a buzz.

The One Day Course will help you:

  • Understand how you can improve your mindset to positively reinforce the goals you want to achieve in property
  • Create your plan for how property can deliver the life changes you want
  • Learn how to quickly analyse which property deals tick your boxes, and receive the analysis tools I use to do this

M.P.A System for Property Success - Bristol, Saturday 3rd February

Module #1 - Mindset

In this module we look at why mindset it important for success in anything, what makes a successful mindset and how we relate this to developing the mindset that will guarantee your property success.

Module #2 - Big Picture

Understanding the big picture is essential in anything. You need to understand what you want to achieve from property, the reason why this is important and what it will mean to you. Once you understand these two things you can start to select the overall property strategy that delivers what you want and the property tools that you will use to get there. We cover all this in the big picture module.

Module #3 - Analysing Deals

Property is all about numbers on a lot of different ways. You need to see a lot of properties in order to find the best ones, and this requires you to be able to quickly do an initial analysis of a property to see if it might worth spending more time on. This module will show you how to quickly do a first assessment of potential investments, whether you are investing for cashflow or capital return.

Module #4 - Lessons Learned

Having been a landlord for over 15 years and now spent 4 1/2 years in property full time, I have learned a lot of lessons from the things that I have done well and the things I have done not so well. In this module I show you the good, the bad and the ugly, and hopefully teach you some good practices that will make your investments more profitable as well as helping you avoid some of the pitfalls I have encountered.

Course Bonuses

Single Let and HMO Deal Analyser

  • Quickly analyse single let and HMO deals for cashflow and capital return

The Rent to Rent Toolkit

  • Quickly calculate property revenue, expected costs and your profit
  • Use the Viewing Sheet to record everything about a potential Rent to Rent and calculate the offer price there and then
  • Use my template to contact landlords about Rent to Rent

The Serviced Accommodation Deal Analyser and Profit Projector

  • Analyse all of the costs you need to consider with serviced accommodation
  • Work out the profit from a SA unit at different levels of occupancy
  • Find out your breakeven point for occupancy
  • Work out your profit for the year based on different occupancy rates through the year

Testimonials from People Who Have Worked With Goldsmith Property

Back in 2013, you introduced me to the concepts of property investment and showed me how to make money from buy to let property. You also introduced me to self-education and mind-set development which has helped me enormously over the last few years.

The help, guidance and support that you gave me through the following years helped me build a profitable property business and I think it’s true to say that without your initial encouragement I would probably still be procrastinating about the whole thing.

You have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience and you offer advice from a position of authority in a no-nonsense manner.


I met Ben back in 2014 when he was working on building his portfolio of buy to let properties and witnessed directly, on first hand, his achievements.

I was fascinated by the possibility to purchase multiple properties by using a relative small amount of capital and asked Ben to teach me how to do it myself.

He became my coach, my mentor and in short time I knew enough about the property market generally, about different type of strategies available. I soon knew how to identify the right location, a possible deal and how to run the numbers in order to understand if a property will bring  the desired cash flow or not.

Would I recommend Ben as mentor? YES, 100%...Always! The level of knowledge and practical experience he holds and transmits further will enable anyone with the necessary tools to succeed... but ultimately what determine someone’s success or failure is one’s own work!