For me taking up property full time has been a huge learning experience and has led me to learn things that I never imagined I would when I started out.

In many ways I think that the successes we have achieved so far are more a result of the changes in mindset we have made then the strategies we have learned about investing in property.

Now I know that you are probably thinking that this post is suddenly losing interest for you and you want to know about ‘proper’, ‘real’, ‘practical’ property investment stuff.

But stay with me, because I think this is really important and I want see if I can show you why I believe that if you can get your mindset right then it is the foundation for success.

We often focus on results in whatever we do, which is natural as this is what we get at the end of the process, whatever it is. And our results are dictated by our actions.

Whatever your results are at the moment, they have been created by your past actions. This is worth re-reading again.

If you can truly embrace this then you have taken a massive step towards success, and here is why I say this.

Too many people are victims. Rather than act, they are acted upon. They take the attitude that they did not achieve what they wanted because of a difficult boss, an obnoxious customer, the market conditions, it was too hard . . . I could go on.

Recognising that your actions dictate your results means that you are not a victim of the boss, the customer, the market, how hard it is, but that you are in charge and responsible for your actions and therefore your results.

You are responsible. You! No one else.

Take a good bite of that idea and have a chew on it.

This is very liberating.

You are in charge. You decide the results because you are in charge of your actions.

Now of course there are bosses, customers, markets etc. to deal with, but you no longer have a victim mentality.

There is normally a way to deal with just about any obstacle, whether you flow around it, under it, over it or just smash straight through it.

If you want examples of people who have refused to be victims and achieved massive success then have a look at this site – Inspirational people like Franklin D Roosevelt, Oprah Winfrey, Sylvester Stallone, Albert Einstein, all of whom overcame significant obstacles in order to achieve what they did.

No victim mentality for them, they took responsibility to change their results and were not dictated by events they could not control.

That is a lesson that we can all take on board in my opinion. So what are you going to do today to take more control of your results ?

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