How It Works

Empty properties and non-payment of rent are landlord’s worst nightmares. They can turn a good income into a monthly loss. Our guaranteed rent agreement eliminates this nightmare situation for you.

We guarantee your rent for up to 5 years and pay you each month whether we fill you property with tenants or not. This is possible because we let your property on a room by room basis.

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There is huge and growing demand for room rentals and this is no longer solely the domain of students. Many good working professionals now prefer the security and flexibility of an all-inclusive room rental arrangement.

We work with you to make sure that your property meets the regulations for shared houses and guarantee that we return the property to you in at least as good condition as when we receive it, subject to fair wear and tear.

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What Properties Are We Looking For?

Typically we are looking for larger houses, not flats, which have 3 bedrooms or more, and a couple of reception rooms. Bedrooms need to meet minimum size standards and this is more often the case in older, period properties. A second bathroom, or at least a separate toilet, is also necessary.

We deliver quality accommodation for quality tenants, and we can only attract this standard of tenants if the property is in excellent condition.

If we do not feel the property meets these standards then we will tell you what we think is required and work with you in delivering this. Getting good quality tenants is well worth it, so investing in your property is money well spent.

You will also need to make sure that you have all the necessary safety certificates in place, that your insurance covers multi-letting, you have the necessary consent from your mortgage company and local planning office for multiple occupancy of the property.

We can advise you on all that is required, and normally it is not a problem.

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