We only let our properties to professional and working tenants, and we reference check all of our tenants before agreeing to take them on. We also know that by providing good quality accommodation we can pick and choose which tenants to take. Good quality accommodation attracts good quality tenants, who value the property more, look after it better and stay longer. This means that we have very few problems with our tenants not looking after properties well.

We have a regular schedule of property inspections so that we can identify if a tenant is not looking after the property well. In addition, we have cleaners attend each property every 1-2 weeks to clean the communal areas (lounge, kitchen, bathrooms and hallway), and this provides us with an early warning of any issues in the property.

Finally, in our agreement we commit to returning your property in at least as good a condition as we received it, subject to fair wear and tear. We take a full photo inventory of the property at the beginning so that the starting condition of the property is well documented.