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Feedback is the food of champions!

Ever had someone criticise something that you did ? Doesn’t feel nice does it. It is very uncomfortable to have someone tell you that you did not do a good job. People tend to work very hard to avoid the sort of situations where we have to receive criticism. We have all done it, avoided [...]

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Is Your Belief System Helping or Hindering You ?

In one of my blogs I talked about the need to take responsibility and recognise that your actions lead to your results, and you are in charge of your actions. What I did not get chance to talk about was the concept of values and how this underlies your actions (and therefore results). Our values [...]

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Sort Out Your Mindset and Success Will Follow

For me taking up property full time has been a huge learning experience and has led me to learn things that I never imagined I would when I started out. In many ways I think that the successes we have achieved so far are more a result of the changes in mindset we have made [...]

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A guest defrauded me out of £900, then made a new booking a few weeks later on the same mobile number !

You would not believe the bare-faced cheek of fraudsters. We had a booking which resulted in a chargeback as the cardholder denied authorising the payment. We lost out £900 on this booking, but learned from it and changed our procedures to ensure this does not happen again. We don’t do face-to-face check-ins so cannot check [...]

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The Scourge of SA – the chargeback ☹

So, you have created a great space for guests in your serviced accommodation. You receive a nice week-long booking, take payment, make everything ready for the guests’ arrival, they have a good stay and then leave with no hassle. Life is good, serviced accommodation is doing the business for you ! Then a couple of [...]

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Why Invest in UK Property?

So I talked in my previous blog about why I think property is a great tool to create income and the lifestyle you want. But I would not invest in property anywhere, for example I am not rushing to buy up properties in Afghanistan at the moment. I am sure you will agree that there [...]

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Why Invest in Property ?

We all want to build a better life for ourselves, and for most of us that will mean we need to earn a bit more, or a lot more, money. But how do we do this and get the time to enjoy the extra money we earn? There are lots of ways out there to [...]

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