Helping Others Make Money Through UK Property Investment

Tired of seeing your money in the bank lose value because of inflation? Want to make money from the property market but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself?

We buy and develop properties for profit, either by holding the property for rental income or by developing and selling for capital gain.

Goldsmith Property works with investor partners to maximise returns on their invested money through UK property. The Directors have been landlords since 2001, investing full time since 2013 and completed several development projects which have created significant profit.

Why Invest in UK Property ?

At Goldsmith Property we believe that the UK property market provides an excellent environment for making great returns on investment. There are many reasons to support this, and here we briefly list just a few of them:

High Demand for Housing

The population of the UK has been growing at a rate of 400-500,000 people per year for the last 10 years. This means that the demand for houses in the UK continues to grow year on year. We see this demand in and around Bristol on a day-to-day basis, with very strong rental and sale markets. This means that we can fill rental properties very quickly and properties for sale do not stay on the market very long.

Limited Supply of Housing

While the demand for housing is steadily growing in the UK, the land available to build on is not growing at a comparable rate. In 2007 the UK Government set a target of building 240,000 homes a year in order to meet rising demand but has failed to meet even half that amount in almost every year since. This failure has led to a relaxation of some of the planning regulations, and Goldsmith Property is seeing an increasing number of opportunities to develop existing land and property for residential purposes

Consistent House Price Trends

The lack of new supply combined with growing demand has fuelled the general trend in the UK for property prices to rise over time. In fact, property prices have roughly doubled every 10 years, and this is a consistent trend across at least the last 50 years, despite various economic crises over that time. This trend makes property a very solid investment. Some of our early investment have more than trebled in value, and even investments made 3 years ago have gone up by 30-35%. This is only possible though with expert knowledge of where to buy.

Well Established Lending Market

The UK has one of the oldest and most well-established finance markets for property investment. Lenders offer standard, interest only buy-to-let mortgages, HMO mortgages for shared houses, commercial mortgages for blocks of residential units and commercial property, and development loans for development projects. There are many lenders in the market, and more joining all the time. Having taken finance out on over 25 properties in the past couple of years, Goldsmith Property understands the property finance market exceptionally well, and is backed up by an excellent, well-established team of mortgage brokers.

Investing with Goldsmith Property

With interest rates at historically low levels, bank savings accounts are no longer giving savers good rates of return on their money. There have been times in the past few years when savings interest rates have been lower than inflation rates. This has meant that people have actually lost money by keeping their money in the bank!

At Goldsmith Property we help to solve this savings dilemma by offering great rates of return for money invested in the business. Like most of the world’s successful investors, we have realised that property is one of the most effective and safe long term investment strategies.

Therefore, we maximise returns on money through UK property investment and we offer the opportunity to others to benefit from property as a sound investment vehicle through Goldsmith Property.

This means that you do not need to be an expert in property to make money from it. We provide that expertise, using strategies that have allowed us to create a multi-million pound personal portfolio in a couple of years. This portfolio not only has a significant amount of equity in it but also provides a substantial monthly cash flow.

We offer two ways of investing in the business, both providing excellent rates of return. Both options also provide completely hands-free investments for you.

Fixed Rate of Return Loans

At Goldsmith Property we offer a fixed rate of return on money loaned to the company at a rate of 10% per annum. This is significantly higher than rates that are being offered by banks at the current time.

Loans are typically made for 12 -18 months and interest paid at the end of the loan. Loans can be continued for longer if desired, with interest paid every 12 -18 months.

You have the security of a legally binding loan agreement with Goldsmith Property. As we have a significant portfolio of properties, you know there is equity that you can claim against if it is ever necessary. Where appropriate the loan can also be secured against the property that the loan is used to buy or develop, giving additional security.

Fixed rate loans are the more secure of the two investment options with Goldsmith Property, but offer lower returns than profit share arrangements.

Profit Share Arrangements

For Goldsmith Property’s development projects we offer a different type of investment model, whereby investors can provide funds for the project and obtain a share of the project profits at the end of the project.

Typically this type of project would involve taking an existing property, such as an office block or piece of land, and developing it into something else with a much greater value, such as a converted apartment block or new build properties.

Full costings of all stages of the development are conducted, including contingency arrangements, and estimated profits determined.

These profits are shared between Goldsmith Property and those providing the funds for the investment. Projected annualised returns for such development projects can be up to and over 20% per annum for invested funds.

While the projected returns are much higher with profit share arrangements, there is the element of uncertainty. Returns are based on profits from the project, and profits can increase or decrease as the project unfolds.

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